Aim and Scope

The Indonesian Green Technology Journal (IGTJ) is a bilingual journal (Indonesian, English) that publish recent development and emerging issue in both conceptual and experimental aspects of green and renewable technology (science, engineering, medicine, agriculture, information technology, fisheries, animal husbandry), and its impact in general and industrial communities. This journal is also emphasising the significance of green technology development, implementation, challenge, opportunity, and acceptance in Indonesian perspective. IGTJ is publicly opens for publication of review paper, short communication, and research paper.

  1. Green and renewable materials: bio-process, green production, modification, characterisation.
  2. Green technology: impact, challenge, opportunity, modelling, community acceptance.
  3. Green energy: potency, management, efficiency, sustainability, diversification, community acceptance.
  4. Green design, eco-building, and architectures: space, building, landscape, public facilities.
  5. Domestic and industrial waste treatments: concept, technology, feasibility, sustainability.
  6. Soil and water technology: process, pollution, management, sustainability, conservation.