Feasibility Analysis and Value Economic of Coastal Resources at Cemara Beach as A Tourism Place in West Lombok District

Ahmad Zain Novianto, Aminudin Afandhi, Nuddin Harahab


Cemara Beach, West Lombok Regency is a coastal area that has high resources. Since the 1990s, some people in Cemara Beach has used coastal resources for tourism activities, but don’t have experienced significant development because under-optimal management and lack of community empowerment. The purpose of this study is to examine the feasibility of tourism objects, estimate the carrying capacity, assess the potential demand (demand) and calculate the value economic of tourism activities in Cemara Beach. This research is a combined qualitative and quantitative study. Data collection through direct observation, interviews, and literature studies with the number of respondents as many 60 visitors. The results showed that the tourist location of Cemara Beach was feasible to be developed as one of the tourist destination objects with a feasibility index has 84,43%. The results of the analysis of the carrying capacity of the region for tourism activities obtained a value of 506 people per day. Based on the results of statistical F test calculations or simultaneous testing (together) and statistical T test partially, obtained F count of (42.155)> F table (2.19) and t count of (2.957)> t table (2,006) so it was concluded that together (simultaneously) the variable cost of travel to Pantai Cemara tourism, distance, previous visiting experience, age, recent education, work time in a month, and income in a month had a significant effect on the variable demand for a visit to Cemara Beach. While partially the previous visiting experience variable has a significant and dominant influence on the visit request variable. From the calculation of the economic value of tourism activities using the Travel Cost Method, the consumer surplus is Rp. 1,401,340.03 per individual per year and the tourism economic value of Cemara Beach is Rp. 122,757,386,628 per year.

Keywords: Cemara Beach, Feasibility of Tourism Objects, Economic Value

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